Preview of: Vinyasa Flow | Fly with Bri!

Teacher: Briohny Smyth
35 Minutes - Level 2/3

Work the upper body and get a little cardio into your practice by keeping the handstand in the flow. Even if you cannot handstand, learn how to incorporate the jump switch and work towards getting some flight time!

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I live in London and have a rough work schedule. YA allows me to have a yoga practice whether it be in the early morning hours or late at night. It allows me to kick my butt with a vinyasa class or refresh with a restorative. It helps my mind and soul with meditation and kundalini. It is such a well-rounded place with so many great teachers. Thank you. - Mia K.

Without Yogis Anonymous I would not have been able to deepen my practice as I have over the last year and a half. The flexibility that it allows, along with the quality of instruction, have improved my practice and my life. I always end a class feeling inspired and restored. As a working mom with a busy schedule, Yogis Anonymous is invaluable in allowing me to have a fulfilling practice and be able to meet my family's needs. Thank you! Namaste, - Jill Haley

Yogis Anonymous has changed my life -- and my body. It has made a daily yoga practice possible in my busy life by providing high-quality instruction and a variety of classes. I made a commitment to doing at least 10 minutes of yoga 5-6 days a week, and because of Yogis Anonymous, I have been able to meet that commitment consistently over the past eight months. As a result, I have become much stronger and more flexible, and I always look forward to my practice, whether I am doing a 10-minute or an hour-long class! - Kelsey

Yogis Anonymous allows me the freedom of continuing with my yoga practise when my life is busy with the commitments of everyday life. I have enjoyed "getting to know" my favourite instructors and feeling like I am part of a class of fellow yogis. I have viewed other online yoga sites but have never seen anything that compares to the choices and quality of classes that are offered here. Namaste... - Gwen C.

Yogis Anonymous has made it possible for me to deepen my practice, even living in the rural Midwest. I don't know if yoga would have become so central to my life without YA: reliably excellent teachers who are also down to earth. Plus I appreciate the variety available. DVDs get too repetitive and books just can't compare with live instruction. Thank you, YA and all the teachers, for being my steady companions on this yoga journey! - Steven M.